What people are saying about Fire Seed

“The class improved my ability to react and respond more creatively, spontaneously and clearly. I have more confidence and am more willing to take risks.”
Stacy Himmelspach
Organizational Change Consultant

“In almost 20 years of taking and teaching personal growth workshops, I would rate Ann’s unique, rich blend of creative skills with that of master teacher Jean Houston.”
Dan Butts

“I feel rejuvenated. I let go of a lot of stress I am more enthusiastic about my work and more effective with my clients It opened up my creativity in a new way.”
Skip Davis
Marketing Design Owner

“I broke out of my fear of what people would think if I did this or that and was able to fully express myself. You made me feel safe. Your sensitivity and guidance helped me work through my emotions. I have a fantastic sense of freedom.”
Kathy Arnold
Hospice Care Nurse

“Ann’s methods take us into profound flow states that unblock negative patterns—she works from the creative source within herself to bring about transforming results.”
Dr. Elizabeth Borg, Ph.D.

“A giant leap in releasing mental blocks and letting creativity flow unencumbered. I’m more productive, self-confident and open to others.”
Gary Klenhiem
Training Manager

“Ann offers a safe atmosphere to take an exciting journey into creativity and how it effects every aspect of our lives. She guides us into opening to a positive energy that allowed me to make changes and see old issue in a new light.”
Deborah Johnson
Massage Therapist

“Since taking the class, I am able to be more of an individual and relate much more openly to clients, piers and employees.”
Thomas York
Chief Financial Officer