I am struck that the forms Ann uses seem to be universal methods that take people into profound “flow states” which unblock negative imprints from the past as well as help persons tap deep creative potential. She works from the creative source within herself and is able to translate this creative inspiration into practical, ground-breaking, and elegant training and growth for everyone she teaches.

Dr. Elizabeth Borg, Ph.D., Psychotherapist

Ann Holdreith is dedicated to freeing the Authentic Self as a path to greater creativity, purpose, and spiritual development. She has done intense study in dance/movement, improvisational theatre, acting, voice, psychology, energy healing and spiritual development. Since 1987 she has helped thousands of participants embrace their Authentic Self through her radically creative Fire Seed Workshops. Ann is a professional artist represented by Gallery KH, Chicago, Translations Gallery, Denver, Boston Art, Inc. and Ward Gallery, Petoskey Michigan.She is a published performance poet. Her credits include a Push Cart Prize nomination, Wayne State University and Plain View Press. Ann brings the dynamic energy of Fire Seed to the corporate world through her innovation training and consulting. Her Fortune 500 clients include Valeo, Ford Credit, Aeromotive UK and Volkswagen. Her unique vocalization and spoken word performance is a testimony to the passion and beauty of the Authentic Spirit. She has performed at the Detroit Opera House, Ear Wacks Festival for New Music, and the Detroit Festival for the Arts. She is a magna cum laude graduate in fine art and education from the University of Detroit. Her life and work merges our deepest creative expression with the core of our spiritual being. Ann has been a devoted student and teacher of the spiritual path for over thirty years.

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