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Within the first five minutes, I knew I had found something significant. A raw blast of energy ignited my performance. I felt totally alive. There was nothing but the moment and I was flowing with it. Incredible, spontaneous ideas and movements poured through me. I could create without effort and the creations were endless. It didn’t feel like I was initiating my actions. Rather, the energy seemed to flow through me easily and magically.

from Fire Seed

To begin the journey, we begin with self. When we go deep enough in our personal journey, we access the universal and connect to what is eternal, timeless, one with God and all of life.

from Fire Seed


"Readers of Ann's new book will discover a unique program for embracing the Fire Seed, a metaphor for the divine passion in all of us that needs only nurturing to burst into radiant flames of joy and fulfillment. Through her prescribed exercises and shifts of mind, we find we can awaken to that which we all long for__lives of meaning, purpose, passion and love."
Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D.
National Workshop Leader and Author of Follow Your Bliss

"Fire Seed is a beautifully written sequence of stories and instructions that provide a unique and dynamic approach to personal fulfillment. I found the personal examples as well as the many exercises for self-mastery extremely valuable."
John Morris, Ph.D
Metaphysical Bookstore Owner

"Ann's courage to share openly the challenges and incredible awakenings of her journey gave me a roadmap for my own growth at a time of crisis in my life. I was inspired and opened to new ideas and feelings."
Cliff Grupke
Engineer, Musician

"This book taught me to let go, relax and become ALIVE!"
Vincent Klucens
Computer Consultant

     Fire Seed, Igniting the Power and Passion of Your Authentic Self takes you on a journey that is profound, uplifting and life changing. When we are willing to go deep in our personal journey and claim the power of our Authentic Self, we unite with our true spiritual core. This ignites the passion of what we have come to uniquely express and contribute. Each journey has its luminous highs and transformative lows. When we learn to resist nothing and embrace the fullness of each moment, we unfold in ever deepening spirals of grace, creativity, compassion and joy. Ann shares the insightful and sensitive story of her own awakening to guide others on their path to authentic expression. Her insights combine with practical exercises to present a comprehensive, everyday guide for merging the clarity and depth of our spiritual being with our greatest human expression.


• Provides an inspiring and concrete path to the
vitality, passion
and fulfillment of living from our Authentic Self
• Gives concrete methods for letting go of the mind’s
incessant judgment and resistance while embracing
the aliveness of full presence in the moment
• Reveals the Authentic Self as the door to our
deepest spiritual core
• Helps the reader recognize they are part of Divine
love and that God is within them
• Develops intuition and availability to
higher guidance
• Expands creativity, spontaneity and playfulness
• Provides methods for freeing and embracing the
physical body as a means for spiritual evolution
• Helps liberate the reader from fear (fear of the
unknown, fear of risk, fear of other’s judgment, fear
of failure) while offering a path to embrace courage,
honesty and passion
• Supports the reader in letting go of resistance to
pain and negative emotions while providing
techniques to transform them
• Helps the reader discover their purpose, mission
and special gifts
• Offers formal meditation and breathing practices
• Offers practices that transform everyday activities
into meditation
• Provides a process of forgiveness and letting go of
past wounds


The tone of Fire Seed is profound, uplifting, intimate, and supportive. Its special features include:
• The author’s story of awakening used to forward
  the reader in their personal journey to the
  Authentic Self. Shared anecdotes are
  descriptive, insightful and fascinating.
  The book’s knowledge deepens as the journey                  unfolds.
• Original poetry introducing each chapter.
• Workbook exercises at the end of each chapter
  designed to help the reader integrate and
   implement the teachings into their daily life.

- Visualization Exercises
- Journaling Exercises
- Daily Life Exercises
- Self-Assessments
- Meditations
- Prayers
- Affirmations

The above forms combine and interweave to offer a practical yet intuitive workbook that can be individualized by each reader.




1. In the beginning we knew we were God
-Children are authentic in their expression -How we began to turn away from our  Authentic Self
-Feelings keep us  connected to our  Authentic Self
Exercise: Remembering the joy of now
Exercise: Remembering your true gifts

2. Forgetting is part of the journey
-Why we chose the journey of being   human
-Our defenses create a “false self”
-Awakening begins by leaving the familiar
-Divine intervention comes when we face   our fear
- Upheaval and disruption often signal a   spiritual awakening
Exercise: What isn’t real: A meditation
Exercise: Opening Spontaneity

3. When the student is ready the gift appears
-Spontaneity is the door to the authentic  now
-Surrender to creative aliveness
-Letting go of your mind’s resistance
-Eighteen blocks to creativity and  authentic expression
Exercise: Opening full expression

4. The valley of darkness
-Fear of the unknown keeps you off  purpose
-Commitment takes you beyond fear
-The art of improvisation is a metaphor  for letting go
-Going through darkness to find light -Healing what you have pushed away
-My mother’s death: a way to accept  grief
-Embracing pain while maintaining the  focus of intention
Exercise: The surrender prayer

5. Harvesting light

-Authenticity is the greatest gift you can  give
-Intuition gives you the direction of your  journey
-Healing comes in whatever form you  need
-Claiming your sacred mission
-Living from divine guidance
-The path of balance
Exercise: Fire Seed meditation for guidance

6. Multiplying the gifts
-Planting the seed and multiplying it
-Trusting the creative leap into the  unknown
-Embracing the flow of the moment -Authenticity is radiantly alive
-The creative source within unfolds your  gifts and talents
-Your body’s creative expression frees  the Authentic Self
-Going deep in our personal journey takes  us to the universal
Exercise: Opening your gifts
Exercise: Making a ‘love to do list’

7. The joy of play
-Children learn and invent through play
-Curiosity versus judgment
-Permission is a monumental first step
-The fool is a powerful archetype
-Free your body and the mind follows
-Becoming free of other people’s opinion  of you
Exercise: A sensory feast
Exercise: Change your routine
Exercise: Take off your serious hat and put on a silly one

Exercise: Play quotient self assessment

8. Our body—the path inward
-Becoming aware of divine life within your  body
-Being fully present in your body stills  your mind
-Embracing your body and senses
-Cultivating everyday actions into holy  rituals
-Building a divine core through  body- meditation
-The energy body
Exercise: The energy body meditation

9. Coming home—our Essence
-Your Essence is part of God
-Knowing your essence is knowing unity
-The experience of Essence
-Using Essence to heal your emotional  body
-Your Authentic Self takes you to Essence

10. Meditation: Love is now
-Formal Meditation
Exercise: Breathing meditation: Preparation, practice, becoming the witness, transmuting discomfort and emotion
-Enhancing the breathing meditation
 Exercise: So hum mantra and  visualization meditation
 Exercise: Color healing and chakra  balancing meditation

11. Totality: Everyday Life as Meditation

-Mind chatter is anti-now
-Awareness and breathing
-Affirmation and breath
-Letting go of resistance
-Letting go of agendas
-The incredible surrender into now
Exercise: Expansion and oneness meditation
Nothing, Everything
Exercise: Body/space meditation

12.Living your divine purpose
-The benefits of living with purpose
-The power of intention
-The path to purpose
Exercise: Meditation on purpose
-Mission: Bringing purpose into action
Exercise: Making mission part of everyday life

13. A glimpse of ecstasy
-Awakening from the great sleep
-A whack on the side of the head
-Enlightenment for a day
-Divine ecstasy in the basilica of the  Sacred Heart
-Everyone is pure and innocent
-Learning to access your core of love
Exercise: Surrendering judgment
Exercise: Remembering love
Exercise: Prayers for reconnection
Exercise: Claiming your gifts
Exercise: Heart Meditation

14. The miracle of forgiveness
-Releasing judgment and condemnation
-When you heal your injuries there is  nothing to forgive
-Forgiving my father: a story of grace
Exercise: Opening the way for forgiveness
Exercise: Healing your wounds
Exercise: Letting go of the past
Exercise: The forgiveness process