Transformational Healing

In transformational healing, you transform limiting emotions and beliefs from the past through the use of imagery and visualization. Your intuitive self instinctively knows what it needs to heal. In a relaxed yet focused
state, you intuitively create imagery that releases and transforms blocks from the
past. You connect to different parts or
aspects of your self and provide these parts what they need to heal. You are able to symbolically retrieve what was lost in the
past so you may live more resourcefully in
the present.
Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you move forward in
areas of your life where you are experiencing frustration or limitation. Through the process
of listening, questioning and feedback the
coach supports you in identifying and
reaching your desired outcome through a
shift in focus, beliefs, behaviors and solutions. The coach supports you in answering your
own questions so you discover what you
are not aware of and what is needed to
move forward.
Creative Movement and Voice Work

When you free your body, the mind follows. Creative movement and voice expression
gives you a sense of aliveness through experiencing the richness and freedom of
all your senses. The spontaneity of the movement exercises helps you to overcome inhibitions and fears so you may claim your most authentic potential. Movement exercises combined with voice work unfolds your innate creative expression and heart’s desire. You
learn to trust yourself and take risks to
express fully in your life.


Metaphor Therapy
• Soul Retrieval
• Guided Visualization
• Reiki
• Journaling, Image-making,
• Creative Movement and Voice Work
• Deep Relaxation and Meditation

• Life Coaching

This one on one work radically transforms old belief systems, behaviors and emotional wounds that prevent you from being fully authentic and empowered in real time. Ann works intuitively and from behavioral observation to guide you to the source belief or events that block your healing and growth. You learn to create your own symbols or metaphors that represent the blocked energy and its transformation at an intuitive level. The subconscious cannot distinguish between metaphor and reality. You dialogue with different parts or aspects of your self to discover what these parts need. Often they are young parts locked in old trauma. As an adult, you learn to give to these parts what they need through metaphor and symbols. This integrates them into real time and your adult resources. The wound or blocked energy heals at a deep level. New behaviors and perceptions can develop and be reinforced through the support of cognitive coaching. Ann’s extensive study of creativity and the expressive arts is employed through exercises in creative writing, journaling, movement and image-making. The process focuses on integrating and transforming at the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical levels so the client may live a healthy and fulfilled life.