You will not be the same after this workshop.
You will embrace the full power
of who you really are.

Fire Seed poetically suggests a source of great potential, a tiny embryonic form that blossoms into the fullness of our Authentic Self. Through incredibly creative exercises and innate shifts of mind, participants in Ann Holdreith's seminars awaken to that which we all long for�lives of meaning, purpose and love.

Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D., author of Follow Your Bliss and Write From the Heart

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Igniting the Power, Passion and Creativity of your Authentic Self

Four Wednesdays, May 7 – 28, 2014
6:30 – 8:45 pm

Tuition $170
$50 deposit required

To Register and Secure your place in the workshop contact:
Ann at 248 583-7765

Birmingham Unitarian Church
38651 Woodward, Bloomfield Hills 48304

See info at right about the Fire Seed Workshop.

�����The Fire Seed workshop opens you to a deeper, more creative, joyful and innately spiritual expression of who you are. What is most Authentic within you is the key to your greatest fulfillment. Fire Seed frees your Authentic Self, awakening your sacred passion and dynamic expression of your true gifts. Experience the incredible aliveness of flying at full wingspan. Claim the life you were meant to live.

Everyday tools to create balance and joy in the now moment

Ongoing Tuesdays 7-8:30pm

We are living in a time of great change and upheaval, but also a time of great opportunity and uplifting as well. This ongoing class offers tools to stay grounded, balanced and connected to inner peace and Source at all times. It is a way to claim what is most Sacred, loving, creative and joyful within. This is a focused path to help you live your highest and best.

-Create an inner reservoir of love
-Balance and stabalize your energy flow daily
-Feel the joy of your innate spontaneity and creativity
-Gain tools to access intution
-Monitor your focus and choose love over fear
-Release stress and maintain well-being
-Live what is most authentic and joyful from within
-Stay connected to residing peace

RSVP with Ann at 248 583-7765

$20 per drop-in class
Held at Ann's home in Royal Oak, call or email for directions

•Live the depth, power and truth of your Authentic Self
• Unfold your unique gifts, purpose and vision
•Gain the freedom of being fully present
•Know the deep peace of inner presence
• Expand your creativity and spontaneity
• Take risks and trust the unknown
• Trust your full expression
• Feel more joyful, playful and alive
• Be fully connected to Life and your flow of good

How it Works


In the Fire Seed workshop you learn to fully inhabit your body and sensory world while accessing your emotions, intuition and spiritual core. This lets you be fully present in the now moment. You learn to trust yourself and your authentic expression moment to moment. This freedom translates into the ability to take risks in your life and step up to a higher level of purpose and fulfillment. Your true nature is highly creative, dynamic and loving. Being authentic in the moment lets you merge your greatest spiritual and human potential.You learn to be fully present and connected to your true Source.

Creative movement, voice work, visualization, and meditation are explored in a safe and stimulating environment where there is no right or wrong. A spirit of permission, safety and trust helps you tap deeper levels of creativity, self-expression and purpose in your life. How does this transformation happen? Fire Seed exercises quiet the judging mind by letting your senses and intuition take over. You let go of any need for approval or ‘getting it right’. This frees a more vibrant form of expression. You learn to be fully present in the moment and total in your action.

�����Young children, especially before the age of five, are incredibly alive and creative. Their sensory and intuitive wisdom guides them. As adults we lose touch with this ability because of the conditioned belief that we are somehow ‘not enough’. In Fire Seed you reclaim the sacred passion of your Authentic Self. It is a safe laboratory for you to play full out. A layering of sensory experiences opens new neural pathways in your brain. Old limiting patterns are interrupted. New and creative possibilities take place. You have more energy and vitality. You become more spontaneous and flexible in your life. Many people discover new talents and gifts while becoming more willing to take risks and manifest their true aspirations. Through the work you access a deep inner place of peace and love that is timeless. You learn to gain access this loving connection at any time. The workshop embodies a spirit of high energy, reverence, joy, and fun.