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Ann Holdreith is a paradigm shifter whose work is described as “a breath of fresh air”. Her unconventional yet practical techniques take participants out of old, limiting mindsets into creative freedom. Participants connect dynamically and openly as a team to produce innovative, breakthrough results.

Ann has been training and facilitating for over 25 years. She developed her “out side the box” learning strategies by linking advanced brain-based learning methods with creative business results. Her in depth understanding of the creative process developed from her work as a professional artist, actress, and improvisation teacher is merged with her extensive experience as a facilitator, coach and consultant in the business environment. Ann guides participants through their development by providing a safe environment unique for each individual and team. She merges rapid-change strategies, multi-sensory learning, movement, and focusing techniques with traditional business tools to take teams to a new level of cohesive effectiveness. Ann has worked extensively in the areas of innovation, team building, communication, leadership, change, presentation skills and stress-management. She has expertise in problem solving and Kepner-Tregoe Root Cause and Decision Analysis giving her the incisive ability to go to the core of a problem. It is the blending of the diverse worlds of expanded creativity and practical logic that gives her work its competitive advantage.

Ann works with businesses of all types and sizes including Fortune 500 and European companies. She facilitates and coaches executive, cross-functional, consulting, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and product design teams. Her warm, motivating style promotes communication and trust that open the big picture while producing specific results.

Client List
Textron Automotive
Volkswagen of America
The Fourmidable Group
Michigan State University
Shostak Brothers
Clemson University
Invetech Corporation
Botsford Hospital
City of Detroit
Woodhead Industries
Davis Martin Design Group
Church of Today
Ford Credit
Pioneering Management