What LEAP Will Do for Your Organization

  Make creativity core to your business success

  Identify blocks to innovation and remove them

  Learn to clear the mind to access the highly creative �flow state�

  Challenge assumptions that block fresh solutions

  Suspend analysis & judgment to increase �blue sky� brain-storming

  Learn �out of the box� brainstorming and problem-solving 

   techniques through application to on the job problems & opportunities

  Increase creative ideas & solutions 300 %

  Identify organizational barriers & begin the process of change

  Form a dynamic bonding & synergy between team members

  Identify & resolve team�s most pressing issues with action plans &

   follow up

  Experience fun as a motivating force for effective results

How It Happens

     LEAP uses a winning formula that combines whole-brain learning, play and logic to unleash innovation. Much of the course is experiential and uses advanced brain-based learning such as multi-sensory and novel experiences to open new pathways to creativity. The �fear of making mistakes� disappears, creating an atmosphere of trust, exploration and free expression. Creative ideas are increased 300%.  Teams bond in new and dynamic ways. Barriers and issues are addressed in an open environment. Members are inspired and energized. LEAP brainstorming techniques combined with logic are applied to on the job problems and opportunities. The real issues surface and are explored from a new viewpoint. Creative and fresh solutions are identified. Action plans and task teams allow the organizational changes to begin.


Who Benefits

     Leap Innovation Intervention is effective for all functions of business including product design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, customer service, human resources, etc. Dynamic results are produced with intact teams. The training is highly flexible and is customized to any situation, group or team for focused results. The training is two days with follow up facilitation and consulting highly recommended. Intervention data from the event may be fed back to the organization with recommendations for change. Follow-up meeting facilitation and individual coaching is also available. 

Ann Holdreith – 248 583-7765 – aholdreith@sbcglobal.net