What Team Dynamics brings to your Team

  Cohesiveness & synergy

 A strategic & united purpose

 Aligned core values

 Identification of key issues & barriers

 Goals & objectives to resolve them

 Clear & aligned roles & responsibilities

 Powerful communication

 Effective meeting guidelines

 Effective decision-making processes

 Concise prioritization processes

 Innovative problem-solving techniques

 Fun as a motivating force

How it Happens

     Team dynamics and issues are assessed before the intervention through interviews with key players. The facilitation is designed for the specific needs and issues the team is ready to address. Experiential processes are used to break down barriers and make the members open and receptive to each other as well as to their aligned goals. Synergy takes place. The team creates their vision and core values through group consensus and designs their team processes for effective results. Action plans and task teams are created to move forward.

Who Benefits

     Team Dynamics is effective for any type of team at all organizational levels. Some teams that have participated are: cross-functional, functional, product design, executive, process consulting, advertising, sales and marketing and production teams. The program may also be offered as an open enrollment course. Consulting prior to the training is done to assess needs. Follow up facilitation is recommended for the results to be fully integrated by the team.

Executive and Member Coaching

 One-on-one coaching is available for situations where intervention is appropriate prior to team training. Conflict resolution between members is also available.

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