Client Comments

�This work was key to our advanced product design team finding new solutions to today�s instrument panels.  Even the most resistant became involved in the creative process.�

Textron Automotive Company - Product Director   

�The experience was freeing. We are getting together in groups to go beyond our  narrow focus without being afraid to explore the obscure. We are more united as a team and creatively problem solving with more depth and clarity.�

Plant Manager – Aero-Motive (U.K.) Limited   

�Allowed me to assume more risks for improving my performance, rather than remaining passive and rigid in my behavior and thinking styles.  I respond more creatively, spontaneously and clearly.�

Saturn - Organizational Development Consultant   

�Ann Holdreith is very talented, energetic and personable.  Her unique methods made the seminar fun, interesting and taught us that we are all creative individuals.  We really came together as a high performing team.�

Textron Automotive Company - Product Design Team Leader   

�I can easily think on my feet, appraise situations and deal with them effectively. I now embrace change and devise more creative solutions to challenges.�

E.D.S. - Instructional Designer/Trainer   

�You brought people out of their shells and comfort zones to be more spontaneous and effective with their clients.  A lot of enthusiasm was generated with the team.�

Schostak Brother - Vice President Sales   

�Can�t sing the praise high enough.  Imagine, having fun on the job and getting more accomplished -- a real morale builder.  Should be mandatory for all levels of management.�

Valeo – Marketing Specialist   

�This work opened up the group to look creatively in its search for solutions to current and future problems and opportunities in the design of new products and improvement of existing products.�

Managing Director – Aero-Motive (U.K.) Limited   

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