Choosing Balance Under Stress

     The effects of stress have a dramatic effect on productivity. This course focuses on three areas—body, mind, and spirit—to empower participants in gaining the inner resources necessary to handle stress effectively.  The course is presented as an overview with experiential processes that can be practiced and integrated over time. Participants are put in the driver�s seat by going to the root of their stress. They uncover their unproductive thoughts and beliefs about stressful circumstances and re-frame them into a more pro-active focus with a solutions oriented approach.  Deep breathing, visualization, meditation and deep relaxation are experienced as tools for calming and centering. Re-claiming their core values and what they �love to do� in life brings renewal and strength. The program is offered as a half or full day course.


       Identify the current impact of stress in your life.

       Create regular recovery methods to prevent stress from becoming debilitating.

       Examine your thoughts and internal conversations about stressful events for unproductive and irrational interpretations.

       Shift your focus from what is not working to your desired outcome and how to achieve them.

       Create options and solutions.

       Focus on the positive rather than fear.

       Experience breathing, deep relaxation and meditation as a way to balance and harmony.

       Learn visualization as a tool to create positive results.

       Assess the benefits of exercise, rest and a healthy diet.

       Find inner strength by renewing your core values.

       Choose what you love to do for motivation.

       Outline and commit to your ant-stress strategy

       Leave class feeling more relaxed, energized and positive.

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