Ann Holdreith
About Ann Holdreith

About Ann Holdreith

I am interested in color as a voice. I play with the way colors interact side by side, in subtle layers or in the dance that travels your eyes throughout the canvas. I am also involved in creating texture and textural planes through the use of textiles and threads. My canvases employ a great degree of under painting to achieve depth. The strokes and colors of each layer build to a unified whole. I prefer the freedom of working with abstract imagery so that color, texture, tension and interplay are appreciated in their purity. My paper work involves graphic marks that appear as numbers or letters but are meant to be appreciated for their graphic beauty rather than conveying a literal meaning. I am interested in breaking out of the picture plane and incorporating varied elements of mixed media to create spontaneity and playfulness.

Ann is currently represented by Gallery KH, Chicago; Translations Gallery, Denver; Ward Gallery, Petosky, MI; and Ariana Gallery, Royal Oak, MI. Her work is included in the collections of Harman-Becker, BNP Media, Cottage, St. John's and Beaumont Hospitals, Faulkner Hospital; Boston, I.N.A. , Modern Engineering, Grant Thornton, Telcom, Pulte Homes, Founders Bank, Hylant Insurance, Ramco and in the private collection of Paul Fireman, Reebok CEO.

Ann works closely with clients to provide the perfect cadre of art for their residential or corporate environment. She is availabe for commissioned work.